"C" Section Framed Garden Sheds

The Shed City Flat Pack Garden Shed Kits have:

  • the added Strength and Versatility of the Full Internal Frame,
  • Low Maintenance Custom Orb
  • Corrie Roofing & Ezy Panel Walls
  • a Huge choice of Colours & Options available

The Internal Clear Span “C” Section Frame with wall girts at the top, centre & bottom of each wall, with a minimum Standard Wall Height of 1.98m (6’6”), giving added strength and great storage options.


Shed City’s range of large & mid sized “C” Section Framed Garden Shed Kits are supplied with pre-drilled frame components for bolting together at all connectors with stumps or brackets supplied to anchor the Kit.

The Sheds are available in Gable & Skillion roof designs. 
Supplied with Slotted Spouting & Downpipe as standard to catch that valuable water!

Each Shed is available in Zinc or a Choice of up to 24 Colours or combinations with matching Flashings including Wall Corners, Wide Ridging, Slotted Spouting, Downpipes & Barge.


Standard Sizes

Metric (nominal) Imperial (nominal)
front x side x height
2.95x1.98x1.98 9'8"x6'6"x6'6"
2.95x2.95x1.98 9'8"x9'8"x6'6"
2.95x3.5x1.98 9'8"x11'6"x6'6"
3.63x1.98x1.98 11'11"x6'6"x6'6"
3.63x2.95x1.98 11'11"x9'8"x6'6"
3.63x3.5x1.98 11'11"x11'6"x6'6"
2.95x4.37x1.98 9'8"x14'4"x6'6"
3.63x4.37x1.98 11'11"x14'4"x6'6"
2.95x5.2x1.98 9'8"x17'1"x6'6"
3.63x5.2x1.98 11'11"x17'1"x6'6"
2.95x6.05x1.98 9'8"x19'11"x6'6"
3.63x6.05x1.98 11'11'x19'11"x6'6"