Garage Information Melbourne, Victoria

Looking for a new Garage in Thomastown, Epping, Campbellfield, Kilmore as well as all of Melbourne and wider Victoria? For 50 years, Shed City has been serving all these areas and beyond. We offer a wide range of Garages and Shed styles and designs to fit your personal requirements.

Whether you require a new Garage or shed for your residential, rural or commercial property, we have the products that will give you space for vehicles and heavy machinery, as well as ample room for storage of household belongings, tools and equipment. Read on to find more about what we can offer you.

The Frame is the backbone of a Steel Building.

At Shed City Pty Ltd we use superior techniques in the design and manufacture of our steel building frames, providing a bolt-together design which can be assembled quickly without the need of specialized skills.

The Bluescope Ranbuild range of quality engineered buildings provide the choice of tek screwed frames (for thePremium and Super Garage) or bolt frames (for the Deluxe Garage), providing greater choices of sizes and construction types providing an exceptional end product.

Each frame is comprised of two (clear span) or more columns / uprights supporting rafters across the width of the building

Standard frames manufactured by Shed City Pty Ltd are roll formed from steel coils to produce structural members 150mm (6”) wide, 200mm (8”) wide or 250mm (10”) wide depending on the designed Span.

Bluescope Ranbuild frames are roll formed from steel coils by your closest Lysaght manufacturing plant providing structural members according to the garage style chosen.

Shed City Pty Ltd factory fabricate all frame members for field / on-site bolted assembly. Shed City Pty Ltd frames are also factory fabricated with all bolt holes required for the attachment of secondary members, namely Purlins for the roof and Girts for the walls.

Bluescope Ranbuild Deluxe garage frame members are fabricated for bolted assembly while the Premium and Super range are designed for onsite tek screw assembly.

The space between the frames of a steel building is called a “Bay.”
The Shed City Pty Ltd standard building is configured with multiple 3m (10’) or 3.6m (12’) bays however may have openings of 6m (20’) or 7.3m (24’).

The Bluescope Ranbuild Deluxe buildings are configured for multiples of 0 to max of 4.1m or in the case of the Premium or Superrange for multiples of 0 to max 3.78m bays however may have larger openings or larger bays in the other shed styles such as the Big G.

Clear-span / Portal Frames

Shed City Pty Ltd and the Bluescope Ranbuild Deluxe are Clear-Span frames offering strength and economy. NO interior supports are necessary providing a building with large areas of unobstructed space.

Bluescope Ranbuild Premium and Super frames have Rafter ties and Knee bracing which impose marginally into the useable space, however still allow for a more useable area then a trussed shed.

With a Clear-Span / Portal Frame design as the desired width increases, the frame becomes larger and heavier to carry bigger loads across the span of the frame.

Shed City’s clear-span buildings are cost effective and are available for supply in the widths:

3.6m (12’), 4.2m (14’), 4.8m (16’), 5.5m (18’), 6.1m (20’), 6.7m (22’), 7.6m (25’), 9m (30’), 10.5m (35’) to as wide as 12m (40’).

Bluescope Ranbuild buildings provide versatile, different shed frame styles to suit all budgets with the Premium in any width up to 9.290m, the Super in any width up to 9.240m and the Deluxe in any width up to 12.240m.

Modular Frames

Shed City Pty Ltd and Bluescope Ranbuild alike, supply Modular Frames which have a central clear-span area with interior support columns / uprights and then at the same eave height or at a lower height Rafters are connected. This creates verandahs or an enclosed area, on one or both sides of the building. The steel building then becomes an enclosed Building with a Verandah / lean to or with enclosed areas on both sides forms a building commonly known as a Barn.

Secondary Framing

Shed City Pty Ltd machine roll form galvanized steel “C” sections and Lysaghts on behalf of Bluescope Ranbuild manufacture galvanized steel top span/top hat / hat sections, that are used as secondary framing being Purlins for the roof and Girts for the walls, this provides an extremely rigid, corrosion-resistant structure.

Secondary framing includes:

Girts (wall) and Purlins (roof) are members that run the length of the building providing rigidity and a sturdy skeleton for attaching the sheeting. They are roll formed from coils of steel 1mm, 1.2mm or thicker if required. Shed City “C” section girts and purlins are pre-punched for bolting while the Bluescope Ranbuild top span/top hat/hat sections are simply tek screwed for easy assembly. Purlins & Girts

Shed City provide eave Haunch plates and centre of the gable Ridge plates manufactured from galvanized Steel Plates with factory pre-punched holes for easy bolt together assembly and to match the roof pitch. Bluescope Ranbuild provide bolted eaves and knee cleats or tek screwed eaves with knee bracing and centre of the gable bolted and apex cleats or tek screwed and rafter tie.


Shed City shed connections are bolted through pre-punched holes using supplied nuts and bolts. The primary and secondary bolted connections feature high-strength bolts conforming to or exceeding Australian Design Standards.

Bluescope Ranbuild connections are bolted using supplied nuts and bolts or tek screwed with those provided. These primary and secondary connection designs result from Ranbuild engineering designs that conform to or exceed Australian Design Standards.

 Frame Openings

Almost every Steel building has at least one framed opening for a main door; many buildings have several.

Most framed openings are created for an overhead Roll door or a Tilt door, however may be for a Sliding door or for the installation of a glass sliding door or other entry.

The Shed City and Ranbuild Frame can have openings located in either or both gable ends and / or between the uprights in a bay. Providing a versatile building designed to suit your needs.

Note: Most other shed suppliers offer “field located” framed openings that require cutting and fabricating on the job site, or openings that can only be place in certain positions on walls or only on walls that are away from the prevailing wind.

Shed City do and Ranbuild can supply factory located frame openings for an easy bolt-up assembly so no field alterations are required, unless your project specifies otherwise.


Personal Access Doors are available with every Garage in the form of
a Tube Frame Door Kit, a fully welded frame Pre-hung Door Kit or a single Roller Door.

Rollers Doors are available in sizes from Single Person width through to 5m wide. Shed City and Ranbuild have available a Superior quality range of Roller doors with Steel drums, from domestic styles and sizes up to Industrial strength and sizes. Roller Door clearance height & width need to be taken into consideration when choosing Your Garage size.
Remote Control units are available with all roller doors and Chains are standard on Industrial roller doors.

Tilt Doors are available as an opening in the Gable end of the Garage, these range from 2.6m wide and up to 5m wide. The Tilta Door has a tube frame with sheets in the same style as the wall sheets attached to it, and thus blends into the shed, or alternatively can be a different style sheets and/or different colour sheets.

Sliding Doors are available for both the Gable end and Side wall(s) of the Garage. The Sliding door is a cost efficient door providing excellent opening clearance. The Sliding Door has a tube frame with sheets in the same style as the wall sheets attached to it, and thus blends into the shed, or alternatively can be a different style sheets and/or different colour sheets.

Partition Walls

Shed City and Ranbuild alike offer Partition Walls that are generally installed across the width of the shed to section off the shed, the wall is installed from one side (where the gutter runs) to the other side. A less common option is to install the wall the length of the shed from one gable end to the other.

The inclusion of a partition wall can essentially make two or more sheds from one, all under the same roofline. You can have  a workshop area and car storage;  have an office area and car storage; or providing a household storage area, a recreation area (gym equipment) and car storage.  The options and versatility are virtually endless.

This wall usually consists of a frame similar to the end wall of the shed and is clad on one side only, with the cladding all the way up to the roof. Occasionally both sides of the wall are cladded.

The Partition Wall can also have any of the door styles fitted. You may choose to have one or doors. Other accessories such as windows etc. may also be fitted.

Roof Pitch

The angle of a steel building’s roof is determined by the roof pitch. Roof pitch is the vertical rise for every 300mm (12″) of horizontal travel.

Shed City Pty Ltd design systems allows you to choose either the standard pitch of 12 degrees or the optional 15, 20 or 22 degree pitches.
Shed City
 Pty Ltd designed the standard building with 12 degree pitch as this lower pitch is more cost effective and easier to heat or cool than steeper pitches.

Bluescope Ranbuild designs provide a wide range of roof pitches 10, 15, 20 or 27.5 degree pitch as well as the Skillion (Monoslope) designs with 5, 7.5 & 10 degree slopes.  Eave Overhangs are a great feature too!

This large choice of roof pitches enables you to choose for functionality as well as to be aesthetically pleasing to you!


Shed City Pty Ltd machine roll form sheets from steel coils, providing full length vertical sheets for all parts of the kit. Shed City has four exclusive sheet profiles designs. Steel Claddings

The Shed City profiles are: 5 Rib, 4 Rib, Custom Orb Corrie and Ezy Panel.
All Sheeting manufactured and supplied by Shed City Pty Ltd is roofing grade, even if supplied for use as wall sheets, giving greater durability and strength.
Therefore the sheets are a minimum .42 thick for Zincalume or when one of the 22 colours has a total coating thickness of .47 (.42 base)

The Ranbuild profiles are multiclad, Trimdek, or Custom Orb Sheeting.  This sheeting is available in a minimum .35 thick for Zincalume or when in one of the Colorbond colours hastotal coating thickness of .40 (.35 base), enabling the budget conscious access to Colorbond. The heavier weight total coating thickness of .47 is also available on all styles.  The Ranbuild Deluxe range allow for Horizontal Claddingthat will provide exceptional value to your property or choose for Wall panel removal and apply your own!

The Sheets are attached to the frame using self-drilling fasteners called Tek Screws enabling rapid connection. The roofing is attached with Tek screws with a neoprene washer which keeps your building watertight and dampens vibration.


Flashings in a Variety of Colours, Sizes and Folds are prefabricated by Shed City and Lysaghts for Ranbuild supplied with the Kit to finish off your project with Style, making it pleasing to the eye as well as assisting with water tightness and weatherproofing.

Ridge Cap is designed to run the length of the building to provide a seal along the building ridge.

Shed City supply squareline slotted Spouting/guttering as standard along with robust gutter brackets as a stylish accessory to your project. The Squareline Spouting has excellent water collection and channeling characteristics in all areas, particularly areas of high rainfall, where the slots allow the water to overflow to the front of the spouting rather than back into the building as with other spouting designs.Rainwater Goods

Ranbuild have available a variety of stylish spouting/guttering styles to suit the shed you choose.

The Rectangular 100mm x 50mm Downpipe as supplied by Shed City Pty Ltd are the most useful design in the Downpipe range. At a standard 3000mm length, there is plenty of length to span the longer heights or distances whilst minimizes joining and allowing for water collection or discharge at an appropriate point.

Ranbuild have available different sized downpipes to suit the shed you choose.

Turbo Roof Ventilators are available in mill finish and a variety of colours. The Roof Ventilator will exhaust hot air lowering inside temperatures and exhaust damp air ensuring natural ventilation. The light, strong, durable construction gives a free flowing 300mm throat for installation on a tiled or steel roof with variable pitch base of 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

Skylights & Windows

Skylights are available as an addition to any Kit, they simply replace one full roof sheet. Skylights maybe either fiberglass or laserlite.

Windows are available as Aluminium Sliding window in many standard sizes or as a Louvre window.

Glass Sliding Doors are available to some area or an opening can be designed to suit a door that you source or supply.

Footings & Footing Plans

A Footing plan for the layout of the Foundations is available for each Kit.
As standard, Shed City kits are supplied with stumps which are embedded into a concrete footing, therefore making the extra costs of a full concrete slab floor unnecessary (a partial or full concrete slab floor can be added later when your budget allows.) Alternatively, with most kits, brackets can be supplied which will then be bolted to an upright and dyna bolted to an approved slab floor.

Ranbuild have available a variety of hold down options to suit your requirements as well as the upright cast in concrete option standard with the Ranbuild Premium.

Permits, Plans and Drawings

Shed City Pty Ltd and Ranbuild provide Engineer Certified Structural Specifications for each Kit, this along with the relevant application, block plan and copy of title, are the details needed by your Relevant Building Authority (ie Your local Council or an Independant Building Surveyor) in order for you to obtain the permit(s).

Shed City staff provide Assistance, free of charge, through the Permit process, however we do recommend that information is obtained from your local building authority or an Independent Building Surveyor about the proposed construction on your site of the kit chosen.


All sheds are supplied in kit form, complete down to the last washer.  The galvanised components are pre-formed to give you optimum value for money.  This level of Quality and the Range of Options go beyond the Shed kit and low price.  The Shed City and Ranbuild kits go to the next economic level being supplied ready for “Do it Yourself” assembly or assembly by an independent installer/builder.

If you have any questions, our staff are available to assist you in any aspect of designing, buying, shipping and installing your steel building.

Shed City’s 49 years of Experience and Ranbuild’s 60 years of Experience in the Steel Shed Industry supplying Australia wide, gives you immediate confidence that Your shed will be the strongest, most reliable shed possible.