Garden Sheds in Melbourne

Shed City have been supplying quality Garden sheds to Melbourne Metro, Thomastown, Kilmore and its surrounding regions in Victoria for over 50 years.

To view some of our work and designs, come visit our display showrooms based in Kilmore and Thomastown, Victoria. If you’re looking for customised shed designs that fit perfectly with your property and needs, then you need Shed City. We do consultations for custom shed builds across all of Melbourne and its surrounding regions in Victoria.

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Which Garden Shed is The Shed for You?

Typical Hardware Shed Range Shed City supplied
Budget Sheds
Shed City
RHS 40mm x70mm Tube Frame Sheds
Shed City
"C" Section Bolted Frame Sheds
Colour Range Choice Up to 5 and  Zinc 12 Popular and Zinc 24 Popular and Zinc 24 Popular and Zinc
Mix & Match Colours Roof, Walls, Doors, Flashings No Yes Yes Yes
Roof & Wall Sheet Thickness .35 Thick or less .35 thick or less .42 Zinc
.47 Colour
.42 Zinc
.47 Colour
Internal Frame No Optional Yes Yes
Std Wall Height
(ground to top of non gable  Wall)
1.8 All 1.8 Gable
1.95/1.8 Skillion
2.05 / 1.955 Skillion 1.98 Gable or Skillion
Extra Wall Height Option No Yes - to 2.1m high Yes - to 2.2m high Yes - to 2.2m high
Std Height to Highest Point
(eg: top of Gable)
2.06 Gable
1.8 Flat
2.15 Gable
1.95 Skillion
2.05 Skillion 2.34 Gable
Lock, 2 Keys & Internal Handle Set No - Padbolt Optional Optional Yes
Door Frame Channel Frame with 40mm Hinges Steel Channel Frame with Steel Cross brace for Lock/padbolt fixing & 60mm Hinges Steel & Tube Frame with Centre Bar and 85mm Hinges Steel & Tube Frame with Centre Bar and 85mm Hinges
Door Position Choice No Any Wall Any Wall Any Wall
Special Openings Option No Yes Yes Yes
Double Doors Option Some models Yes Yes Yes
Roller Doors Option No No No Yes
Sliding Doors Option Some models Yes Yes Yes
Spouting & Downpipe Included No No Optional Yes
Flashings & Corner Flashings Included No No Yes Yes
Ridge Flashing for Excellent weatherproofing No - Gable roof sides sit on beam No - Gable roof sides attach to beam No Skillion Sloping roof Yes for Gables
Colour Matched Tec Screws for Sheets No No Yes Yes
Skylight Option One model Yes Yes Yes
Windows - Louvre Option No Yes Yes Yes
Windows – Aluminium Option No Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Shelf Set Option Free standing only Yes Yes Yes
Footings or Hold Down Kit Optional Optional Optional Yes
Hook Set Option No Yes Yes Yes
Direct from the Factory in Australia No - Maybe Imported No Yes Yes
Permit Assistance No Yes Yes Yes
Area available in a Typical Shed 3mx3m using Std  Heights 17.37 m3 includes Roof Space 17.78 m3 includes Roof Space 16.6 m3 Skillion Roof Shed 18.8 m3 includes Roof Space

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