Flat-Skillion / Monoslope Roof Carport

The Shed City, Lysaght Living and Absco Skillion Roof Carports are Fully Structural Engineered Kits adding Value to your home. Shed City Skillion Carports have the Added Strength and Versatility of the Fully Bolted Frame, Low Maintenance 5 Rib Roofing (allowing a 2 degree slope), this along with the great range of roofing and designs from Lysaghts & Absco ant the availability of a range of popular Colours and styles to suit you.

Shed City’s Skillion Roof Carports with fully galvanised “C” Section Beams, fully galvanised 75mm Square Tube Posts and a minimum Wall Height of 2.5m (8’3”) (optional heights of up 3.6m avail.), galvanised framed Absco range or choose a Carport with a coloured frame from Lysaght living all providing Greater coverage for your car, caravan or boat or the ideal alfresco outdoor entertainment area.

Shed City have a great range of Skillion Roof Carports Kits with both Standard or Cantilevered Roof Designed to maximize your ease of entry or to line posts up with existing structures. Due to our custom making and designing your bespoke Skillion Roof Carports will provide wonderful clearance with eave heights up to 3.6m and post location to suit your needs.
With the use of our exclusive in-house rollformed 5 Rib (2 degree slope) or 4 Rib (1 degree slope) your carport will be less intrusive therefore less likely to conflict with existing angles at your property providing a more satisfying and visually appealing look.
For those requiring eave heights above 3.6m, Our versatile Skillion Garage or Gable Garage are simply adapted to have some open walls or openings to suit you.

Whether near the house to create a great outdoors area or alfresco, in the paddock to create shade or to cover your valuable assets, these versatile DIY designed Kits come complete with all Components and fittings, ready for installation by the home handyman or builder alike.

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