Steel Purlins and Girts

Shed City Pty Ltd supply a large range of Structural “C”  Purlins and Girts.  These durable sections are manufactured using High Tensile Galvanised Steel for increased strength and reduced weight.

Available in either Plain or with Pre punched slotted hole patterns.

Various continuous Lengths available from 2000mm to 10500mm (long lengths are subject to suitable handling and transport needs being met.)

C sections provide Greater Stability and versatility in single and multiple spans and may be adapted to back to back to create an “I” beam or face to face to create a box configuration.


“C” Section Sizes

 C Section Size Thickness mm Strength MPA Mass Kg / M
100 10 1.0 G550 1.77
100 12 1.2 G500 2.11
100 15 1.5 G450 2.62
100 20 2.0 G450 3.28
150 15 1.5 G450 3.60
150 20 2.0 G450 4.52
150 24 2.4 G450 5.7
200 20 2.0 G450 5.75
200 24 2.4 G450 7.2


Shed City Pty Ltd have available a large range of hardware to supplement these sections:

Nut and Bolts

Tec Screws

Sheeting -

  • Custom Orb Corrugated Iron
  • 4 Rib
  • 5 Rib
  • Ezy Panel

Tubing  -

  • 25mm Square
  • 30mm Square
  • 40mm Square
  • 50mm Square
  • 75mm Square
  • 100mm Square


  • Before purchase Shed City Pty Ltd recommend that the Purchaser seeks qualified expert advice (e.g. from an Engineer etc.) confirming the suitability of the product and information for the proposed project.
  • Shed City Pty Ltd are in no way liable for the suitability or loss or damage resulting from the use of the product or use of the information contained herewith.