Spouting, Downpipe, General Rainwater goods and Other Accessories

Shed City Pty Ltd have a large range of barging, ridge capping, spouting, downpipes, wall corners and flashings to finish off with Style and a range of Tanks for ease of water collection.



Shed City Pty Ltd have available Squareline slotted Spouting designed as a stylish accessory to any project with robust gutter brackets also readily available.  The Square Spouting has excellent water collection and channeling characteristics in all areas particularly areas of high rainfall, where the slots allow the water to overflow to the front of the spouting rather than back into the building as with other spouting designs.

Colours -          Zinc and a large range of Colours are available for selection.

Hint -               An absolute minimum fall of 1 in 500 should be used when installing spouting, the greater the fall reduces the collection of leaves and other debris that effect the usefulness and longevity of the spouting.



The Rectangular 100mm x 50mm Downpipe as supplied by Shed City Pty Ltd are the most useful design in the Downpipe range.  At a standard 3000mm length, there is plenty of length to span the larger distances whilst minimizes joining.

The Rectangular 100mm x 50mm Downpipe allows for drainage of 70 square metres of roof area, based on the requirement of 700 square millimetres of downpipe per 10 square metres of roof area (assuming a maximum rainfall of 125mm per hour).  It is recommended to have a reasonable number of downpipes along the spouting rather than rely on discharge of water at one point.

Colours -          Zinc and a large range of Colours are available for selection with optional matching Downpipe Straps.

Shed City Pty Ltd have a range of Tanks available for collection of the precious rainwater.


Ridging, Barging, Corner Flashings and other Flashings

Ridge Capping is available in the 3 Bend pressed style.  This versatile style is useful on a variety of Roofing profiles and roof pitches.

Barging available from Shed City Pty Ltd is streamline and versatile to suit a range of do it yourself projects.

Corner Flashings and General Flashings are available in a variety of standard sizes and folds.  This will enable you to finish off your project making it pleasing to the eye as well as assist with water tightness and weatherproofing.

Turbo Roof Ventilators are available in mill finish and a variety of colours.  The Roof Ventilator will exhaust hot air lowering inside roof temperatures and exhaust damp air from the roof space ensuring natural ventilation.   The light, strong, durable construction gives a free flowing 300mm throat for installation on a tiled or steel roof with variable pitch base of 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Choose the colour to suit Your Home Today!


  • Before purchase Shed City Pty Ltd recommend that the Purchaser seeks qualified expert advice (eg from an Engineer etc) confirming the suitability of the product and information for the proposed project.
  • Shed City Pty Ltd are in no way liable for the suitability or loss or damage resulting from the use of the product or use of the information contained herewith.